10 CV Writing Tips You Cannot Afford to Miss

A recruiter’s inbox is flooded with CVs every day. If you’re going to be considered one of the potential candidates for the position, your CV needs to make a good impression and pique the recruiter’s interest to call you for an interview. The good news is that you can stop your CV from ending up in the trash pile by following some simple resume writing tips.

So whether you are updating your existing CV or starting from scratch, here are 10 CV writing tips for creating an impressive resume that gets noticed by recruiters:


1 – Presentation matters the most

CV writing is an art where presentation matters a lot. So choose the best format for your resume which makes it look highly professional and organized. Without a proper structure, the recruiters may overlook even your best achievements. 

You go impeccably dressed for a job interview to make a good impression. Similarly, your CV writing should be absolutely impeccable to impress the recruiters. 

 2 – Brevity is key

Recruiters spend only 6 seconds to glance through a CV. Given the reduced attention spans, you need to make sure that every second count. That’s why a short and concise resume can be helpful. Keep your resume within two pages. You can even use bullet points to make your resume more reader-friendly.

Think of it as your elevator pitch to get the recruiter interested. Stuffing your resume with unnecessary information is a guaranteed way to put off your recruiters.

3 – Use power verbs to market yourself

If you want to highlight your skills and achievements, using power verbs is a good idea. These verbs also help to improve the overall readability of your CV and arrest the recruiter’s attention. For instance, if you want to highlight your people management skills, use verbs such as ‘trained,’ ‘mentored,’ or ‘supervised,’ instead of ‘responsible.’ For more power verbs you can use in your CV or cover letter, click here.

4 – Highlight your achievements

Your resume should be achievement-oriented. It should not only focus on job descriptions, but it should also focus on your abilities and accomplishments. After all, the employers want to know how you can be an asset to their organization. 

For instance, if you were the key person responsible for leading the negotiations for a transaction or as an intern, you were responsible for finding an important circular for an ongoing matter, don’t forget to highlight that. 

5 – Make sure the chronology is correct

Most recruiters prefer looking at a CV where the work experience is presented in the reverse chronological order. So start with your current role and then highlight your previous work/internship experiences.  

6 – Resume should be tailor made

A cookie-cutter resume will never make a lasting impression. Your CV must be unique and customized according to the position you are applying for. For example, if you apply for a litigation internship, highlighting your previous litigation internship experience is valuable. In contrast, if you apply to a corporate law firm, highlighting your previous experience of interning at a human rights organization may not be relevant. 

Additionally, always add the relevant keywords to your CV to make it Applicant Tracking System or ATS friendly. Usually, you can find the keywords in the job description/key responsibilities advertised for each position.

7 – Share your LinkedIn account

In the digital age, your social media presence is immensely important. Apart from looking at your CV, as many as 58 percent recruiters even conduct a social media screening of the applicants. So including your LinkedIn profile is a good idea as it can help you show your potential employer your social capital as a professional. 

8 – Get rid of nonsensical jargon

A resume is not the place to demonstrate your love for jargon. Don’t embellish the resume with words such as ‘demonstrated history’ or ‘core competency’ or ‘value add’ that can weaken your resume. Instead, use simple words. Don’t forget that your motive is to get the message across as effectively and clearly as possible.

9 – Never skip proofreading 

Check your resume for all grammatical and spelling errors. A CV full of mistakes only highlights poor communication skills and lack of attention to detail.  Always take a print out of your CV and read through it carefully. You can also use proofreading apps like Grammarly or get someone else to take a look at your resume so that there is absolutely no scope for errors.

10 – Save it as you mean it

 First impressions count! Having a generic file name like ‘CV’ doesn’t suggest any effort in its preparation. Instead, save it as YourName_(Month and Year)_CV. Also, make sure to send your CV in PDF format since PDFs work with all types of Softwares.


Your CV is an essential part of the job application process. Don’t do a rushed job. Invest enough time to go through your CV and make it even better. 

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