7 common CV writing mistakes you should avoid at all costs

Your CV is a ticket to a job interview. It needs to be immaculate and impeccable. Unfortunately, a hurriedly drafted CV full of errors can reduce your chances of getting called for an interview. Therefore, your CV must be absolutely error-free. Curious to know what to avoid when writing a CV? Here are seven CV writing mistakes to steer clear from:


1 – Making too many grammatical errors

The most cardinal rule of drafting a CV is to avoid making any grammatical errors. As per a survey, 79 percent of respondents flagged grammatical errors in the CV of a candidate as an instant deal-breaker. 

A spelling faux pas can make your employer question your seriousness and attention to detail. As a result, it lowers your credibility in the eyes of your recruiter. You should read your CV at least 5-10 times before sending it across so that there is absolutely no room left for blunders. You can also use the proofreading tools available online.

2 – Lying in your CV

People have a natural tendency of overstating their achievements, in the form of inflated job titles and certifications. But CV writing mistakes like this can cost you the job or internship you want. 

Your prospective employers can always run a reference or background check, and just one little white lie can make you look dubious and increase your chances of elimination. Make sure only to include those achievements which you can actually prove.

3 – Failing to customize your CV

 Focus on the prospective employer’s needs and not your wants. If you send the same run-of-the-mill CV to every organization, your CV will end up in the trash can.

So you have to tailor your CV by highlighting those skills and qualifications that match the applied position. Make it easy for the hiring manager to see how you can add value to their organization and help them in accomplishing their goals.

4 – Including Outdated/ Irrelevant information

Your prospective employer is not bothered about your school achievements. That’s why going too far back in time is a CV writing mistake you must avoid. Focus on recent and more pertinent job experiences and achievements.

Don’t include your marital or relationship status or your political or religious views in your CV. Keep it professional. Give the employer only those details which drive home the fact you are worthy of the applied position.

5 –  Incorrect contact information

The objective of a CV is to land you a job. If you miss including correct contact information, it can be challenging for the recruiter to trace you. Therefore, all your hard work in drafting a detailed CV will be futile if your recruiter cannot contact you. 

Do not put your contact information os the header of a Microsoft Word document. The  Applicant tracking systems cannot read such information and may list contact details as missing or incomplete.

6 –  Choosing an elaborate CV design

Minimalism is the key. Therefore, choose a simple, clear, and easily understandable CV format. Don’t go over the top by using any other color, making your CV appear gaudy and unprofessional.

Don’t use an elaborate format, making it difficult for your prospective employer to skim through the information quickly. Please refrain from incorporating any graphics or illustrations.

7-  Using an objective statement

CV objective statements are a thing of the past. Including one in the CV highlights that you are not up-to-speed with current CV trends. Instead, use a professional summary in the section below your name in place of an objective statement.

Your professional summary should include two to four sentences that read like an elevator pitch and explain how you can help the organization accomplish its goals.


No matter how careful you are, even a single mistake in your CV can completely throttle your efforts.

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