ResuGo is built by lawyers primarily for lawyers and law students. If you do not belong to the legal profession, you can still create a resume template using our services but it will not give you a tailored resume or suggestions suitable to your domain.

We’re committed to making the process of resume writing as effortless as possible. ResuGo is an intelligent system designed to help law students and experienced lawyers build a job-ready resume in just a couple of clicks. Our system processes your inputs to give you tailored professional and work summaries, highlighting technical skills that are unique to your areas of expertise. ResuGo also has customisable options that allow you to provide more information in a succinct manner. We also auto-select the best template for you. 

Using ResuGo, you can have a finished, ready-to-send resume in under 15 minutes. Our pre-populated summaries and builder tools make it easy to not only complete your resume but to create as many resumes as you’d like, that can always be tweaked depending on which roles you’re applying to.

 Since ResuGo is currently a free product, you need not pay anything to download your resume at this time.

Once you’re satisfied with the finished resume(s) that you’ve created using ResuGo, simply choose “download” from your dashboard, and a PDF version of your resume will be generated. 

Currently, we do not offer users the option of downloading their resume in word format. However, you can always log back into our builder and make edits and download a fresh version of your resume anytime. 

ResuGo chooses a template for you based on “Who You Are” and prioritises certain sections like work experience, education, internships depending on the skill level. It picks the relevant templates for everyone from new grads to mid-career professionals to seasoned ones. 

During the resume creation process, we ask you for a little information right up front and ResuGo does the job of populating relevant content based on your inputs, including work experience and the professional summary highlighting relevant technical skills that you can edit as necessary later on from your dashboard. 

ResuGo is designed for both lawyers and aspiring lawyers alike. We have templates and suggestions that help you quickly create a resume and cover essentials like your education, internship experiences and other achievements. You can also add more information and customise as you like, to make it more tailored to who you are as an individual. 

You can save your progress on ResuGo every step of the way. It’s as easy as CTRL + S.  You can simply save your progress and come back later to finish up. 

Yes, you can create as many resumes as you’d like to. 

ResuGo is a SaaS product and currently, we do not offer any services related to resume writing. We believe that our product gives you all that you need to create the perfect resume, so it does not require human intervention. If you would still like to talk to a professional, please drop a mail to support@resugo.com with the subject line “Resume Writing Enquiry”